Friday, August 28, 2009

After a long break i am back in my blog . this week was the worst one after i came here . we all got ill in this week by some means i guess. The worst one eldho got he is still suffering from that he is not well recoverd from that i think. What to do??????.... We changed our all plans yesterday we decided to go home as soon as possible atleast for one week. The bloody hospital taken our 5700 rs for one days treatment . I dont know whether every city hospitals are like this or not but its very bad.They done all the test and then also at the time of discharge they said they dont confirmed what the disease is how is it?

They taken scanning blood test two times and xray ,sputum every thing then also they cant find anything or conclude it is a common fever. They are saying bilirubin count is not normal means he may be having jaundice then also they are saying they want to check the blood fot maleria. Here everything is in the reverse order i tink . Usually doctor checks the patient and knowing his symptoms he will advice what test u should do like that. But here when we reached casuality itself they said take xray even though they are not sure that he is having cough.Doctors adviced a abdominal scan before blood test result came although he is not having any sort of pain in the abdomin did u people ever heard of such bull shits.....

I was having a stomach upset i recovered from it yesterday i think i am lucky other wise they may advice a MRI scan or some thing

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