Friday, September 11, 2009

I am back in the great city after 10 days or more i think.We were in kerala . Actually eldho's fever helped us to go to home infact forced us . Anyway it was a wonderful visit . We really enjoyed it . Now i cant say i am in hyderabad just because we shifted to our new room . The great LINGAMPALLY thats the new area we lives. I think its far better then this hyderbad we got food with our taste there which we havent found here. Now we are well settled i think . Only problem is that we have to walk a lot to reach the institute . It takes a lot time to reach institute . So we are now planning to make everything early than we do .

Around us lot of families are living i dont know what will happen luckly they seems to be natives so i hope they dont know our language . By lucky i meant not us i mean they are lucky just because they cant understand us ha ha ha ha . Eldho is th emain problem ohhhhh god give him enough strength to control his mouth otherwise those poor peoples will suffer.

Friday, August 28, 2009

After a long break i am back in my blog . this week was the worst one after i came here . we all got ill in this week by some means i guess. The worst one eldho got he is still suffering from that he is not well recoverd from that i think. What to do??????.... We changed our all plans yesterday we decided to go home as soon as possible atleast for one week. The bloody hospital taken our 5700 rs for one days treatment . I dont know whether every city hospitals are like this or not but its very bad.They done all the test and then also at the time of discharge they said they dont confirmed what the disease is how is it?

They taken scanning blood test two times and xray ,sputum every thing then also they cant find anything or conclude it is a common fever. They are saying bilirubin count is not normal means he may be having jaundice then also they are saying they want to check the blood fot maleria. Here everything is in the reverse order i tink . Usually doctor checks the patient and knowing his symptoms he will advice what test u should do like that. But here when we reached casuality itself they said take xray even though they are not sure that he is having cough.Doctors adviced a abdominal scan before blood test result came although he is not having any sort of pain in the abdomin did u people ever heard of such bull shits.....

I was having a stomach upset i recovered from it yesterday i think i am lucky other wise they may advice a MRI scan or some thing

Friday, August 21, 2009

It is really amasing that these peoples i mean those ones outside our state talks very less laughs very less. I wondered how they lives with out jokes and comedies .We are really different . Today i heard another news the housekeeper of the hostel which i am living complained that we "malayalies " using very much water . Somebody replied sorry sir we are not like u we are having some cleanliness from our childhood.

Using toilet properly is cosidered to be a very big fault here i think . We cant understand their mentality . May be we lived with plenty of water there thats may be them. today we had leave. So we planned to go for a tamil film which released unusually in tamil here. But one of my good friend put a para so it cancelled . He i a saying vikrams last film he saw at the first day itself it was such a bad film that he dont have any faith in him anymore. Anyway plan cancelled .....

I want to go to a place called tangband here from the last two weeks but due to these kind of paras i cant. The biggest para is anumol her always does this from the college days itself. He is famous for his VAZHA VETTAL.

Today we went to bigbassar there is rliance web world we asked the rate we found two plans first one is rs 125 we can use 6 hours with 3.1mbps but for one month only. Another one is Rs350 we can use 22 hours with a validity of 3 months it is a good one but 350 u are giving at once is painful even though we are lossing more than that for tjis browsing a month

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today i am little early just because we had class from 9 am to 11.30 . Today sir told us something about ragging that means something like ragging on here we surprised when we heard that we havent experienced something like that till now. After btech ragging wow thats a new news . Who is that poor man got ragging why cant he react after getting this much aged he still needs coursge to react i pitty on him

today here had heavy rain. Heavy rain u may imagine a heavy rain like we are getting there thats wrong its like an average rain we are getting there. But news papers are saying" wow what a heavy rain we got last day ". If they were been to kerala once they wont right about rain at all i think. This year we had decrease in rain this year. But compared to this we got far far better.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today was absolutely normal day i seems to be adjusting with the things here thats why may be i am feeling like this. Now nothing new is happening here. today we had class at 6.30am .But i dont know what happened the teacher who was going to take class today was missing . So we waited for sometime . We saw a girl and boy whom we r continuously watching from two days were sitting together enjoying themselves . After some time some one came and asked to go to another room we all ran to there as they were sitting in front they didnt managed it in the right time . So she was forced to sit near us and he thrown to the very back of the class. ha ha ha avanangane thanne venam .

Thats the only couple in our class others are seems to be very serious . Nobody talks with others what an institution amazing ..... We are normal we cant be like them just because we are malayalies we should keep our identity where ever we are going right?

Today morning we ate UNDA means a small ball like something i dont know whats that . I know one thing seeing that all keralites becomes unhappy. News papers i am reading is english every day that too full news . While i was in kerala hardly i will go through headlines . What to do u should adjust to the situation man u should. We can do that we are malayalies if we cant do then who can do.........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

swine flu swine flu every where
Small Small kids here also wearing a mask . they r all bothered about it its good to prevent the disease spr5eading i think. My friend is recovering from his flu anyway.It was an ordianry flu i think other wise i think i wont be able to write blog like this. Because it is an easy spreading disease..

I think we wont be able to go home for this onam may be this will be the fist onam without me . Rahul is insisting to go we are overcoming his every tricks yesterday i heard him sayim we should go home for pooja holydays that means he accepted onam will be here so we won right????

i am updating in every two days now because of money shortage .. We are planning to change to a flat if we gets that at fare rate.Job offers are lot here but all are small small ones i think if u tries well for a job u will get one with more than 10000 here.But what to our timing of class not matches so...............

yesterday here had a good rain, people saying its after a year and half after the last one ,may be just because we are here ha ha ha . With out knowing news from our state its very boring ofcourse .I wonder in old days how people from our state came here and lived.. Those times they had no mobile tv only letters they r great no doubt..

Yesterday we saw an interesting offer walking interview call centre exciting salary malayam or kannada or tamil needed but only GIRLS woooooooooooooooooo we are not girls ho ho . if it were for anyone it was fine because we know malayalm ..... How is that this is what happening everytime for a part time job it was nice but what to do we r not girls

Sunday, August 16, 2009


hai every body,,,,,,,,
i tried to access net last day but i failed because 15th was holiday. things r getting more worse here as the fear of swine flu spreading....
my one friend is having a small fever but peoples other than malayalies r looking like as if he got aids.these idiots don't know this flu has a very small death rate . Actually if u r taking rest and consulting a doctor in time it is curable i think.Yesterday an amazing thing happened we consulted a doctor here he was behaving like newly wedded girl feared to come near and ask whats your problem. He given medicine from far i don't know how he given that .Each day we r understanding the value of our state where peoples are educated. Do u know one thing in kerala doctors are experienced and they are very much good i am not getting words to praise them
Last day a news came an young man died of flu not sure whether it is a swine flue but the dangerous fact is that he was not admitted by three hospitals in the city. Think if it is happened in our state how big will be the news and what will happen that's the speciality of a state which is having 100 literacy .
Another interesting incident happened just near by our hostel there is a small hotel just a few days before we saw a man lying there with blood around him if it is in kerala may be people will not help him that too if he is an unknown person , anyway somebody will inform police right? . But here things r different after sometime we saw that he is moved by some one to a side from there and the front portion of the hotel is cleaned . If it were in kerala nobody will touch him but will anybody do like this ?. I think it happens when a city is developing like this . I remembers the news before i came here it was full of malayalies decreasing helping mind but compared to this we are much better i think.
Today another news was heard if u want a mask for the protection from swine flu u should pay 500 rups in some areas of the city . i think hardly it will cost 50 rs . Anyway one good thing is there lot of peoples r erning from the fear of swine flu . Rich peoples r spending lot of money for this because they are the ones more aware of this . The most bothering thing is that we cant see any girls face because the are all covered due to this swine flu fear.
no body will stare at u if ur face is fully covered what about kerala just think . I want ur feed back about this and objections if anybody have it lets discuss friendly about all these
bye for today

Friday, August 14, 2009


TODAY the day before 15th august . i hope u all know the importance of the day. Hyderabad is under threat of major terrorist attack. I thing the only people not at all aware of this matter lives here only. Every body is busy with their lives. we too, we means me and my friends. we goes to class morning going outside every day . Its really boring here for all we malayalies i guess. Just no malayalam paper available here only bad films releases that too after three months no tv available in our hostel life seems to be very boring guys. So we goes outside because it is very interesting to watch the traffic here . very few obeys rules, really amazing.

hardly u will find two peoples going in a bike here three peoles r common , interesting right? i had a different image of this city before . The image was simple a clean city with lot of fly overs and modern dressed girls and boys i really shocked to see almost 70% wearing parda here then i realised here 70% are muslims i was not at all heard that bfore.

every buildings r grey just because of dust. some days bfore the fear of swine flu spread here lot of guys r earning from that there is homeo medical shpos providing preventive medicine for it. Huge rush for it we saw when we went there .Interesting fact is that they r providing medicines interestingly if u pay 15 rs u will get minimum protection from flue. if u py 30 u will get more protection u peoples ever heard of such a scheme. isnt it interesting?

we had booked tickets yesterday for KAMINEY a hindi film just because we dont have any other option. ao we wake up at 9 am . Other days we r waking up at 5.30 because we r having class at that timing. but today is holiday for us . we started our daily pograms first we started looking nice girls going by the side of our hostel by bike or car. But almost all are parda dharies isnt it interesting ? a city were peoples r well dressed . not at all modern really different from an image u r having while thinking of a city right?

we started to the theatre, the protection u r guessing on a day just before independence day is very very different form what i experienced here . but in every shops there is bomb detectors so it is impossible to place a bomb inside a shope i felt like they r saying if u want to place a bomb place it outside not in my shop. we expected a rush at the theatre as it is the first day of the film but we were wrong there r lot of thetres in the city it is more than the number of theatres we r having in the whole kerala. the theatre we went was not not mentioning A.C so we were afraid whether it is not ac but we were wrong like always . it seems that here here all theatres r A.C .
we were hoing that some nice girls will come and sit by the side of us nothing happened one pujabi and some thelugus came and sat.

film started and after i started enjoying it after one hour one girls and a boy came and got seated infront of us we wonder why they r this much late . After some time we understood why they came it started from then to the very end we lost concentration in the film and relly i dont know the film is good or not . the girl was wearing a parda which she removed when they got seated now i came to understood the advantage of parda it hides ur identity, it prevents swine flu, it blocks dust what a useful thing right? at the interval she weared it and after the show too . we followed them then we shocked really shocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they went to the next theatre to watch the next film wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they r seems to be very practical right????????????????????
now i have to go they my friends r insisting me to sign out

bye i will update evry thing from here
till then bye

a hyderabad diary

i am here to write about my life in the city
Hai everybody u may think now why i am writing all in this blog . Infact this blog is not meant for this i created this just to ensure the presence of my school's name while searching in google. fist i was really upset that while i typed my school's name in google and searched i got only some name data base.So i wanted to ensure the presence of my school.I think i succeded in that even though this blog is not that much popular.
lot of peoples congradulated me for this effort some more peoples started creating another blogs like hss vallikunnam i am really happy to see that .i am here in hyderbad for some study purpose.Now u may wonder what that idiot is doing there that has nothing to do with my aim in writing this blog.So that doet matters ok?

so guys i am starting to write this from today although it is my 2nd week here . I am having much experience in this city now.I am assuring you one thing i will try to update as much as frequent i can.i know i am not that much good in english so i am expecting you to adjust with my language . Language is meant for communication purpose right?


Sunday, February 8, 2009


PIN 690501

TEL : 0479 2372277 (O), 0479-2371247(R), 9745647834 (MOB),
FAX : 0479-2372277.


TEL : 9446920145