Tuesday, August 18, 2009

swine flu swine flu every where
Small Small kids here also wearing a mask . they r all bothered about it its good to prevent the disease spr5eading i think. My friend is recovering from his flu anyway.It was an ordianry flu i think other wise i think i wont be able to write blog like this. Because it is an easy spreading disease..

I think we wont be able to go home for this onam may be this will be the fist onam without me . Rahul is insisting to go we are overcoming his every tricks yesterday i heard him sayim we should go home for pooja holydays that means he accepted onam will be here so we won right????

i am updating in every two days now because of money shortage .. We are planning to change to a flat if we gets that at fare rate.Job offers are lot here but all are small small ones i think if u tries well for a job u will get one with more than 10000 here.But what to our timing of class not matches so...............

yesterday here had a good rain, people saying its after a year and half after the last one ,may be just because we are here ha ha ha . With out knowing news from our state its very boring ofcourse .I wonder in old days how people from our state came here and lived.. Those times they had no mobile tv only letters they r great no doubt..

Yesterday we saw an interesting offer walking interview call centre exciting salary malayam or kannada or tamil needed but only GIRLS woooooooooooooooooo we are not girls ho ho . if it were for anyone it was fine because we know malayalm ..... How is that this is what happening everytime for a part time job it was nice but what to do we r not girls

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