Sunday, August 16, 2009


hai every body,,,,,,,,
i tried to access net last day but i failed because 15th was holiday. things r getting more worse here as the fear of swine flu spreading....
my one friend is having a small fever but peoples other than malayalies r looking like as if he got aids.these idiots don't know this flu has a very small death rate . Actually if u r taking rest and consulting a doctor in time it is curable i think.Yesterday an amazing thing happened we consulted a doctor here he was behaving like newly wedded girl feared to come near and ask whats your problem. He given medicine from far i don't know how he given that .Each day we r understanding the value of our state where peoples are educated. Do u know one thing in kerala doctors are experienced and they are very much good i am not getting words to praise them
Last day a news came an young man died of flu not sure whether it is a swine flue but the dangerous fact is that he was not admitted by three hospitals in the city. Think if it is happened in our state how big will be the news and what will happen that's the speciality of a state which is having 100 literacy .
Another interesting incident happened just near by our hostel there is a small hotel just a few days before we saw a man lying there with blood around him if it is in kerala may be people will not help him that too if he is an unknown person , anyway somebody will inform police right? . But here things r different after sometime we saw that he is moved by some one to a side from there and the front portion of the hotel is cleaned . If it were in kerala nobody will touch him but will anybody do like this ?. I think it happens when a city is developing like this . I remembers the news before i came here it was full of malayalies decreasing helping mind but compared to this we are much better i think.
Today another news was heard if u want a mask for the protection from swine flu u should pay 500 rups in some areas of the city . i think hardly it will cost 50 rs . Anyway one good thing is there lot of peoples r erning from the fear of swine flu . Rich peoples r spending lot of money for this because they are the ones more aware of this . The most bothering thing is that we cant see any girls face because the are all covered due to this swine flu fear.
no body will stare at u if ur face is fully covered what about kerala just think . I want ur feed back about this and objections if anybody have it lets discuss friendly about all these
bye for today

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