Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, September 11, 2009

I am back in the great city after 10 days or more i think.We were in kerala . Actually eldho's fever helped us to go to home infact forced us . Anyway it was a wonderful visit . We really enjoyed it . Now i cant say i am in hyderabad just because we shifted to our new room . The great LINGAMPALLY thats the new area we lives. I think its far better then this hyderbad we got food with our taste there which we havent found here. Now we are well settled i think . Only problem is that we have to walk a lot to reach the institute . It takes a lot time to reach institute . So we are now planning to make everything early than we do .

Around us lot of families are living i dont know what will happen luckly they seems to be natives so i hope they dont know our language . By lucky i meant not us i mean they are lucky just because they cant understand us ha ha ha ha . Eldho is th emain problem ohhhhh god give him enough strength to control his mouth otherwise those poor peoples will suffer.

Friday, August 28, 2009

After a long break i am back in my blog . this week was the worst one after i came here . we all got ill in this week by some means i guess. The worst one eldho got he is still suffering from that he is not well recoverd from that i think. What to do??????.... We changed our all plans yesterday we decided to go home as soon as possible atleast for one week. The bloody hospital taken our 5700 rs for one days treatment . I dont know whether every city hospitals are like this or not but its very bad.They done all the test and then also at the time of discharge they said they dont confirmed what the disease is how is it?

They taken scanning blood test two times and xray ,sputum every thing then also they cant find anything or conclude it is a common fever. They are saying bilirubin count is not normal means he may be having jaundice then also they are saying they want to check the blood fot maleria. Here everything is in the reverse order i tink . Usually doctor checks the patient and knowing his symptoms he will advice what test u should do like that. But here when we reached casuality itself they said take xray even though they are not sure that he is having cough.Doctors adviced a abdominal scan before blood test result came although he is not having any sort of pain in the abdomin did u people ever heard of such bull shits.....

I was having a stomach upset i recovered from it yesterday i think i am lucky other wise they may advice a MRI scan or some thing

Friday, August 21, 2009

It is really amasing that these peoples i mean those ones outside our state talks very less laughs very less. I wondered how they lives with out jokes and comedies .We are really different . Today i heard another news the housekeeper of the hostel which i am living complained that we "malayalies " using very much water . Somebody replied sorry sir we are not like u we are having some cleanliness from our childhood.

Using toilet properly is cosidered to be a very big fault here i think . We cant understand their mentality . May be we lived with plenty of water there thats may be them. today we had leave. So we planned to go for a tamil film which released unusually in tamil here. But one of my good friend put a para so it cancelled . He i a saying vikrams last film he saw at the first day itself it was such a bad film that he dont have any faith in him anymore. Anyway plan cancelled .....

I want to go to a place called tangband here from the last two weeks but due to these kind of paras i cant. The biggest para is anumol her always does this from the college days itself. He is famous for his VAZHA VETTAL.

Today we went to bigbassar there is rliance web world we asked the rate we found two plans first one is rs 125 we can use 6 hours with 3.1mbps but for one month only. Another one is Rs350 we can use 22 hours with a validity of 3 months it is a good one but 350 u are giving at once is painful even though we are lossing more than that for tjis browsing a month

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today i am little early just because we had class from 9 am to 11.30 . Today sir told us something about ragging that means something like ragging on here we surprised when we heard that we havent experienced something like that till now. After btech ragging wow thats a new news . Who is that poor man got ragging why cant he react after getting this much aged he still needs coursge to react i pitty on him

today here had heavy rain. Heavy rain u may imagine a heavy rain like we are getting there thats wrong its like an average rain we are getting there. But news papers are saying" wow what a heavy rain we got last day ". If they were been to kerala once they wont right about rain at all i think. This year we had decrease in rain this year. But compared to this we got far far better.