Friday, September 11, 2009

I am back in the great city after 10 days or more i think.We were in kerala . Actually eldho's fever helped us to go to home infact forced us . Anyway it was a wonderful visit . We really enjoyed it . Now i cant say i am in hyderabad just because we shifted to our new room . The great LINGAMPALLY thats the new area we lives. I think its far better then this hyderbad we got food with our taste there which we havent found here. Now we are well settled i think . Only problem is that we have to walk a lot to reach the institute . It takes a lot time to reach institute . So we are now planning to make everything early than we do .

Around us lot of families are living i dont know what will happen luckly they seems to be natives so i hope they dont know our language . By lucky i meant not us i mean they are lucky just because they cant understand us ha ha ha ha . Eldho is th emain problem ohhhhh god give him enough strength to control his mouth otherwise those poor peoples will suffer.

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