Friday, August 21, 2009

It is really amasing that these peoples i mean those ones outside our state talks very less laughs very less. I wondered how they lives with out jokes and comedies .We are really different . Today i heard another news the housekeeper of the hostel which i am living complained that we "malayalies " using very much water . Somebody replied sorry sir we are not like u we are having some cleanliness from our childhood.

Using toilet properly is cosidered to be a very big fault here i think . We cant understand their mentality . May be we lived with plenty of water there thats may be them. today we had leave. So we planned to go for a tamil film which released unusually in tamil here. But one of my good friend put a para so it cancelled . He i a saying vikrams last film he saw at the first day itself it was such a bad film that he dont have any faith in him anymore. Anyway plan cancelled .....

I want to go to a place called tangband here from the last two weeks but due to these kind of paras i cant. The biggest para is anumol her always does this from the college days itself. He is famous for his VAZHA VETTAL.

Today we went to bigbassar there is rliance web world we asked the rate we found two plans first one is rs 125 we can use 6 hours with 3.1mbps but for one month only. Another one is Rs350 we can use 22 hours with a validity of 3 months it is a good one but 350 u are giving at once is painful even though we are lossing more than that for tjis browsing a month

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