Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today was absolutely normal day i seems to be adjusting with the things here thats why may be i am feeling like this. Now nothing new is happening here. today we had class at 6.30am .But i dont know what happened the teacher who was going to take class today was missing . So we waited for sometime . We saw a girl and boy whom we r continuously watching from two days were sitting together enjoying themselves . After some time some one came and asked to go to another room we all ran to there as they were sitting in front they didnt managed it in the right time . So she was forced to sit near us and he thrown to the very back of the class. ha ha ha avanangane thanne venam .

Thats the only couple in our class others are seems to be very serious . Nobody talks with others what an institution amazing ..... We are normal we cant be like them just because we are malayalies we should keep our identity where ever we are going right?

Today morning we ate UNDA means a small ball like something i dont know whats that . I know one thing seeing that all keralites becomes unhappy. News papers i am reading is english every day that too full news . While i was in kerala hardly i will go through headlines . What to do u should adjust to the situation man u should. We can do that we are malayalies if we cant do then who can do.........

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