Friday, August 14, 2009

a hyderabad diary

i am here to write about my life in the city
Hai everybody u may think now why i am writing all in this blog . Infact this blog is not meant for this i created this just to ensure the presence of my school's name while searching in google. fist i was really upset that while i typed my school's name in google and searched i got only some name data base.So i wanted to ensure the presence of my school.I think i succeded in that even though this blog is not that much popular.
lot of peoples congradulated me for this effort some more peoples started creating another blogs like hss vallikunnam i am really happy to see that .i am here in hyderbad for some study purpose.Now u may wonder what that idiot is doing there that has nothing to do with my aim in writing this blog.So that doet matters ok?

so guys i am starting to write this from today although it is my 2nd week here . I am having much experience in this city now.I am assuring you one thing i will try to update as much as frequent i can.i know i am not that much good in english so i am expecting you to adjust with my language . Language is meant for communication purpose right?

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