Friday, August 14, 2009


TODAY the day before 15th august . i hope u all know the importance of the day. Hyderabad is under threat of major terrorist attack. I thing the only people not at all aware of this matter lives here only. Every body is busy with their lives. we too, we means me and my friends. we goes to class morning going outside every day . Its really boring here for all we malayalies i guess. Just no malayalam paper available here only bad films releases that too after three months no tv available in our hostel life seems to be very boring guys. So we goes outside because it is very interesting to watch the traffic here . very few obeys rules, really amazing.

hardly u will find two peoples going in a bike here three peoles r common , interesting right? i had a different image of this city before . The image was simple a clean city with lot of fly overs and modern dressed girls and boys i really shocked to see almost 70% wearing parda here then i realised here 70% are muslims i was not at all heard that bfore.

every buildings r grey just because of dust. some days bfore the fear of swine flu spread here lot of guys r earning from that there is homeo medical shpos providing preventive medicine for it. Huge rush for it we saw when we went there .Interesting fact is that they r providing medicines interestingly if u pay 15 rs u will get minimum protection from flue. if u py 30 u will get more protection u peoples ever heard of such a scheme. isnt it interesting?

we had booked tickets yesterday for KAMINEY a hindi film just because we dont have any other option. ao we wake up at 9 am . Other days we r waking up at 5.30 because we r having class at that timing. but today is holiday for us . we started our daily pograms first we started looking nice girls going by the side of our hostel by bike or car. But almost all are parda dharies isnt it interesting ? a city were peoples r well dressed . not at all modern really different from an image u r having while thinking of a city right?

we started to the theatre, the protection u r guessing on a day just before independence day is very very different form what i experienced here . but in every shops there is bomb detectors so it is impossible to place a bomb inside a shope i felt like they r saying if u want to place a bomb place it outside not in my shop. we expected a rush at the theatre as it is the first day of the film but we were wrong there r lot of thetres in the city it is more than the number of theatres we r having in the whole kerala. the theatre we went was not not mentioning A.C so we were afraid whether it is not ac but we were wrong like always . it seems that here here all theatres r A.C .
we were hoing that some nice girls will come and sit by the side of us nothing happened one pujabi and some thelugus came and sat.

film started and after i started enjoying it after one hour one girls and a boy came and got seated infront of us we wonder why they r this much late . After some time we understood why they came it started from then to the very end we lost concentration in the film and relly i dont know the film is good or not . the girl was wearing a parda which she removed when they got seated now i came to understood the advantage of parda it hides ur identity, it prevents swine flu, it blocks dust what a useful thing right? at the interval she weared it and after the show too . we followed them then we shocked really shocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they went to the next theatre to watch the next film wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they r seems to be very practical right????????????????????
now i have to go they my friends r insisting me to sign out

bye i will update evry thing from here
till then bye

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